Moving to Tulum​

Green School is truly a whole family experience. The collective energy, passion, creativity, skills, knowledge and cultural diversity of our faculty, staff, parents and our local neighbors is remarkable.

At Green School Tulum it is our aim to build and develop an entire community of learners, not just students.

All of our Green School students and majority of their families will live near the school campus; some options are in the neighborhoods around like Aldea Zamá and the future residential project called Selvazamá.  Today, there are several renting and purchasing options. 

We know moving your life and family to Tulum is a big deal. To help in your decision-making process, we will be gathering all the essential information in this section, including the application process, tuition and fees, specifics on our learning programs, and tips on living in Tulum.

Tulum’s Friends

Green School Tulum rests on a simple belief that we are all innately passionate and curious, life-long learners.

To that end, we allow learners big and small to use our platform to share real-world ideas and interests regarding education, parenthood and sustaintability.  

We will be developing this section soon.  


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Green School Tulum llega en 2021

La educación también puede ser sustentable: en 2021 llega Green School Tulum, la institución que busca cultivar innovación y creatividad desde un entorno natural de aprendizaje. #ForbesAdvertorial

Publicado por Forbes México en Viernes, 18 de octubre de 2019