It is with great excitement that we share our latest progress with the aim to open by 2025.

From our magnificent campus in Tulum, we will promote sustainability and academic excellence; fostering a community of global learners at a time when the planet needs it more than ever… and we couldn’t be more thrilled. 

Our campus will be both a village and a classroom, with teachings embedded in each structure, garden and natural formation.


By choosing a wide range of sustaintable technologies, namely in relation to energy production, water treatment and waste management, we will provide an example of zero waste community principles.

How can I learn more about becoming part of the Green School Tulum community?


We will be sharing a lot of details including the application process, tuition and fees, our learning program, site tours and virtual tours, advice on moving to Tulum, the professional landscape (should you be looking for career options) and volunteering projects.


We first need a little bit of time to prepare and during next year (2023) we will be sharing everything as we continue to make progress.



Green School Tulum is truly grateful for your continued support and interest!

Our offering.

In Green School Tulum, we will offer a well-rounded and cross-disciplinary learning experience that encourages the physical, emotional, intellectual and expressive development of every child.

Learning how to become a changemaker and have an impact on the world, turns learning from a chore, into a desire.

We inspire and empower our students to thrive with purpose.