Bamboo and Sustaintability Design Workshop.

November, 2022.

We recently hosted a workshop with experts and professionals in the world of bamboo and sustainable building for the creation of our campus in Tulum.

During this gathering of like minded professionals, there was a dynamic exchange of ideas, innovative proposals and solutions for the construction of our future Green School.

Our campus will exceed the operational expectations of a school, and will also be a promise that it is possible to have a light impact on this earth and create a wonderful future.

The whole campus must in itself be both a village and a classroom, with teachings embedded in all its structures, natural forms and infrastructural systems. 


By showcasing a wide range of sustainable technologies, namely in relation to energy production, water treatment and waste management, we aim to provide proof of concepts to the children and the Green School community. 


This way we can teach that there is no such thing as waste and that, just like in nature, everything is circular.

This is a legacy project for us in Tulum because it represents the value of honoring the ancient Mayan heritage of the region through our designs, as well as adapting to the environmental considerations of the region.




Our plan to open a Green School in Tulum is official, and we will be very happy to tell you more about it in the upcoming years as we continue to make progress.

Jules de Laage – Francisco Vidal / Green School Tulum

Jörg Stamm 

Neil Thomas – Luis Fernández / Atelier One

Maitri Fischer – Mendi Siahandan / Eco Mantra 

Orla Brady – Education in Motion

Carlos Medina – CAME