Academic Programs

Three Frames of Learning.​

The pedagogical structure used in Green School to support the curriculum is the Three Frames of Learning. This defines how we deliver the content of our courses in the classroom. This scaffold is designed to provide a consistent, relevant, well-rounded and comprehensive learning experience.

1. Thematic frame​

Cross disciplinary learning around a theme.

2. Proficiency frame​

Mathematics, English, science, humanities and foreign languages.

3. Experiential frame​

Enterprise, environmental studies, arts, health and wellbeing.

Early Years

Green School’s vision is of a natural, holistic, student-centered play-based learning environment that empowers and inspires our students to be creative, innovative and green. Green School Early Years program offers a student-centric education built around a developmentally appropriate version of the three frames of learning.
Our Mission is to educate young leaders in global citizenship. Our purpose is to champion a new model of learning that connects the timeless lessons from nature to everything we do and inspires students to think creatively and playfully about their world.

“Green School cherishes the best of traditional curriculum and methodology, but also acknowledges the siren call of the future, and is responding with courage, imagination and innovation.”

Chris Edwards – Green School Head of Curriculum.

Primary Years.

In the Primary Years, we want to inspire students to connect with their environment, chase adventure, and pursue their passions. It’s a time for fun, laughter, exploration, and inquiry, while building relationships, expressing creativity, and getting dirty.

Primary students strive to master core competencies in maths and literacy in a highly supportive learning environment. Student-guided, hands-on projects promote entrepreneurial thinking, environmental education, practical skills, and the arts, and foster students to become effective collaborators and communicators, empowered decision makers, and willing risk takers.

Middle Years.

Our middle school thematics are all connected to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.
Students have a significant amount of choice, while maintaining a firm grounding in foundational subjects. Students are able to choose their own arts, PE and English literacy courses, empowering, supporting and challenging them to take control of their own learning program.

Throughout the Middle Years, we focus on developing students’ critical thinking skills – to question, challenge and seek to discover answers and solutions for themselves.

High School.

Our high school program emphasizes empowering students to make their own choices, in a mutually-respectful way with their teachers. We believe in honoring each student to be their best self.

We will be opening Grades 9-12 until September 2022.

How it all started…

The Green School was first established in Bali ( in 2008. After educating for 12 years in a wall-less, bamboo campus that nurtures holistic, innovative and purpose-driven education, Green School Bali decides to expand and reach to an even bigger number of learners around the globe.  

Following New Zealand and South Africa, the Green School Tulum will be the fourth international school to be established in the global Green School network.

The calibre of our curriculum, along with our international reputation as a Green School, enables our students to transfer to other educational institutions, locally and globally. Green School Bali graduates have been accepted at over 100 different universities around the world. The global network of Green Schools opens up opportunities on a global scale to the students of Green School Tulum.

Our student-guided approach encourages students to become critical thinkers who can innovate and create impact in a world that requires us to reconcile our humanity with the natural order.  

“Green School isn’t just a school, it’s a global movement to raise changemakers – because our world needs us now”

Cynthia & John Hardy – Green School Co-Founders.