Tulum Team + Consultants

The Arc: inspiration for our future campus in Selvazama, Tulum.

The Arc at Green School Bali

The Arc at Green School Bali is a remarkable feat of engineering, showcasing the incredible strength and versatility of bamboo. The Arc, an environmentally friendly space to educate while fostering creativity and encouraging ecological responsibility, boasts the largest bamboo arches yet constructed.


This is a demonstration of artistry, technical know how and creativity – charged structural engineering.


The talented minds behind this project are collaborating with us to manifest this vision into reality in Tulum.

The Arc sparked our imaginations and unlocked a realm of potential, setting the tone for Green School Tulum to become an example of using the power of bamboo to create structures that are both aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly.

“The Arc at Green School Bali enters a new era for organic architecture, with its 19-meter span arches, connected by anticlastic gridshells.” says Elora Hardy, founder of the architecture firm IBUKU who created it in collaboration with Jorg Stamm and Neil Thomas from Atelier One. 


Both Jörg and Neil joined the project to help create a state-of-the-art campus in Tulum, a project spearheaded by architect Jules de Laage, a graduate from McGill University, former member of the IBUKU Team and Construction Manager during the creation of The Arc.


Jules deepened his experience leading and teaching the Bamboo U workshops. It was during one of these workshops that he met Francisco Vidal, an enthusiastic bamboo lover who was keen on creating a Green School in his own country. Francisco is in charge of the management, financial planning and onsite coordination.


Standing at the heart of Selvazama: an innovative real estate project lead by Zama Desarrollos.

“At Green School Tulum we are committed to craft the most awe-inspiring bamboo structures ever.”  

declares Rodolfo Rosas, GST shareholder and partner in Selvazama: home to this revolutionary endeavor. 


“We are designing 66 structures that will showcase the important role of Nature in children’s development in a unique and captivating way, making us the project with the largest number of bamboo structures in all America.”

 We recently hosted our KICK OFF workshop to launch the construction. 


Jörg Stamm – Bamboo construction specialist and Master carpenter. Jörg was recently named Top Bamboo Pioneer by the World Bamboo Organization.

Neil Thomas/Luis Fernández (Atelier One) – World-class innovation company in the field of light structural engineering.

Maitri Fischer and Mendi Siahandan (Eco Mantra) – Top environmental engineering consultancy. They create eco-friendly environments by integrating sustainable design principles into the development of one-of-a-kind properties. 

Orla Brady (Education in Motion) – Group Director, Construction & Design at Education in Motion.


This year we are starting our ambitious endeavor with a growing team of architects, designers and engineers from Chile, Colombia and México.


Rodolfo sees Green School Tulum as an opportunity to create a lasting legacy for future generations.


He believes it will foster a new generation of change makers and leaders for sustainability, who are equipped to tackle global issues with compassion and understanding.


We will be thrilled to share the progress of our journey, as we strive to complete construction and open by Fall 2025.

If you are interested in becoming an investor and supporting the vision of our project, please reach out to Sofía Pámanes. sofia@greenschooltulum.mx