Selvazamá, Quintana Roo, México.

Welcome to Green School Tulum, mi casa es tu casa.

Green School Tulum will stand strong at the heart of Selvazamá; a holistic residential project within the lush jungle of Tulum, only a couple of miles away from the Caribbean blue beaches. It will operate as a multicultural, bilingual (English / Spanish) school, and will start classes in Fall 2021.

Built out of low impact materials, the Green School Tulum will incorporate bamboo and locally sourced woods and materials, as well as permaculture principles into its operation and design. The school will be an extraordinary milestone for the local community and inspiration for other schools in Mexico and abroad.


School of the Future, now.

The Green School was first established in Bali ( in 2006. Following New Zealand and South Africa, the Green School Tulum will be the fourth international school to be established in the global Green School network.

The Green School’s mission is to create a global community of learners making our world more sustainable. We educate for sustainability through community integrated, entrepreneurial learning in natural environments. 

Our student-guided approach encourages students to become critical thinkers who can innovate and create impact in a world that requires us to reconcile our humanity with the natural order. 

We inspire and empower our students to be changemakers of the future and to thrive with purpose.


The world our children will inherit is changing faster than any time in history. For our children to prosper and humankind to flourish, we need a new kind of education.

The Green School Way.

We educate for sustainability through community-integrated, entrepreneurial learning, in a natural environment.

The Green School way of learning allows young people to thrive by learning in a purposeful manner.

Learning how to be a changemaker and have a positive impact on the world ignites children’s passion to learn and turns learning from a chore, into a desire.

This is the Green School Way.

Green School Skills.

By nurturing ‘Green School Skills’ in our students we prepare them for their journey as learners for the rest of their lives. Students learn these skills through every part of our program, including projects, activities and lessons.

Our sister school in Bali has, over the past 11 years, researched and defined the Green School Skills that form the backbone for all we teach.

These are:

  • Think creatively – Be original, be imaginative
  • Activate – Feel empowered and empower others. Take action. Make a difference.
  • Adapt – Bend like bamboo
  • Think critically – Dig deeper, ask why, make connections.
  • Be aware – Look within, figure yourself out.
  • Collaborate – Confident alone, stronger together. Find your way.
  • Think in systems – Step back and see the whole picture
  • Communicate – Process, organize and coherently express ideas
  • Solve problems – Figure it out, go for it, identify problems

Green School Values.​

Our values inform our thoughts, words and actions. They are important because they help us to know ourselves, grow and develop. Our decisions are a reflection of our values and beliefs. Strong values enable us to take responsibility for our learning, have a positive impact on our community, and to show care for our environment.


Integrity, Responsibility, Empathy, Sustainability, Peace, Equity, Community, Trust

Three Frames of Learning.​

The pedagogical structure used in Green School to support the curriculum above is the Three Frames of Learning. This defines how we deliver the content of our courses in the classroom. This scaffold is designed to provide a consistent, relevant, well-rounded and comprehensive learning experience.

1. Thematic frame​

Cross disciplinary learning around a theme.

2. Proficiency frame​

Mathematics, English, science, humanities and foreign languages.

3. Experiential frame​

Enterprise, environmental studies, arts, health and wellbeing.


Start your application​

The first step is to make an inquiry or initial application through our website.

By starting the process, you are not committed to continue with your enrollment application. A child’s enrollment is a mutual decision-making process, between families and the school.

We recommend you submit an initial application so that we can support you with everything you need to make a final decision, well in advance of the beginning of a term.


Current Positions​

There are currently no vacancies at Green School Tulum. We will be opening our job opportunities near September 2020.

Please keep an eye on our page to stay up-to-date with positions available.


We are always open to host those who would like to volunteer for a variety of projects on our campus. If you are interested in lending a hand, please email your details and project preferences to

Moving to Tulum​

Green School is truly a whole family experience. The collective energy, passion, creativity, skills, knowledge and cultural diversity of our faculty, staff, parents and our local neighbors is remarkable.

At Green School it is our aim to build and develop an entire community of learners, not just students.

All of our Green School students and majority of their families will live near the school campus, in Aldea Zamá/ Selvazamá, Tulum.

We know moving your life and family to Tulum is a big deal. To help in your decision-making process, we will be gathering all the essential information in this section, including the application process, tuition and fees, specifics on our learning programs, and tips on living in Tulum.


At Green School we put community first. Not only our Green School community, but the wider community and visitors to our campus and region. We aim to provide a range of programs and activities for everyone to experience and enjoy.

“Green School isn’t just a school, it’s a global movement to raise changemakers – because our world needs us now”

Cynthia & John Hardy – Green School Co-Founders.

Tulum’s Friends

Green School Tulum rests on a simple belief that we are all innately passionate and curious, life-long learners. To that end, we allow learners big and small to use our platform to share real-world ideas and interests regarding education, parenthood anchildren, parenthood, our Earth from different topics that want to use Green School Tulum as a platform to communicate. We will be developing this section by summer 2020.


We are currently working on putting together all the information for our future Green School Community.


We invite you to stay tuned through social media and our website. We will announcing discovery tour dates and other events starting summer 2020.

If you have a specific enquiry, please write to